Friday, February 22, 2019

Quality Process


 Our experience insures that you will have the most qualified, motivated and productive work force. The StaffSource Quality Process enables us to differentiate between the candidates that are almost right for your business, and the ones that will make an immediate and positive impact to your company.



The StaffSource Quality Process Involves:

Initial Screening

StaffSource takes the time and effort to recruit candidates from various sources including internet recruitment, classified ads, job fairs, outplacement, direct recruiting, employee referrals and client referrals. Only candidates that possess the appropriate mix of skills, education and work experience are brought in for the interview and evaluation process.

Skills Assessment

All StaffSource candidates are evaluated for basic skills. These include spelling, grammar and usage, arithmetic, office skills and knowledge, and software skills proficiency. We employ state of the art computer based evaluations for all popular software packages.

Interview and Evaluation

The interview process is an in-depth behavioral style evaluation of the candidate’s skills, attributes, response to work place situations, ability to interact with co-workers and over all work ethic. We go beyond reviewing a resume, we evaluate the intangibles.

Reference and Background Checks

Each candidate must provide work references for all positions held in the past 10 years. A minimum of two references are contacted and verified. Criminal background checks are performed on ALL candidates.

Orientation and Expectations

All StaffSource employees are given a thorough orientation of policies and procedures. Each employee is given an in-depth description of the client company, job responsibilities and duties, corporate culture and client expectations. When your StaffSource employee shows up for work they are ready to hit the ground running.